Our Business Model

Behind every business is an idea, a concept, or a passion; something that ignites the desire for success & breaks the wall of doubt.

At Lumineux Productions, it was all about passion. We believe in the art of Photography, and the art of Design. We understand that even though the tools for both arts are readily and easily available to the average consumer, they require sophisticated, experienced & artistic vision.

Cameras are now available in your own hands, almost at all times. With a few presses on a mobile phone, an image is captured, while DSLRs are available in the market at affordable prices. Hundreds of thousands of images are uploaded onto the internet every minute. Yet, sadly, most of this content is eventually labelled as e-junk, with only a precious few making the cut as worthy to be kept and cherished.

On the other side, Adobe's powerful Photoshop along with Illustrator are used every day by professionals, hobbyists and amateurs to create digital media. Be it for a social family event, a school homework, a personal small business, an e-card sent to a relative, a flyer or a brochure, digital media is created and shared at extremely high rates. 

We, at Lumineux Productions, understand the need for photography & digital media, be it for commercial or private consumer use, and our promise is to deliver content that meets your satisfaction.

In order to cater to both commercial and consumer, we realised a business model focusing on execution towards commercial, and workshops / seminars towards consumer; a model which will allow us time and resources to deliver to a demanding commercial market while also providing the tools, training & educational material to empower consumers to create their own content & meet their demand.